Zhangye Danxia landform in Gansu, China

Zhangye Danxia landform in Gansu

Zhangye Danxia landform Gansu Zhangye danxia landforms are various landscapes found in the southeast,and southwest of china. They consist of red beds and steepy cliffs. Danxia is formed from red coloured conglomerates and sand stones. The landforms covers several provinces in china. In the gansu province of china there are rocky mountains with two tiny figures walk on a boardwalk amongst colourful rocky formation on the danxia formation. The beautiful town of Zhangye is becoming a tourist attraction due to the rocky mountains.

Facilities can scare and flight expensive but a visit to this beautiful off the beaten tracks can be a worthwhile and adventurous. I having Made a trip to this landforms i was able to see things in a more natural way. While in the Zhangye city i saw landforms neighbouring the cZhangye Danxiaity with magnificent and colourful cliffs in a hilly and mountainous land. The area we visited in the city boosted a majestic and colourful slopes that gave us a sensation of us walking in a painting. The Han dynasty and the Ming dynasty near Jiayuguan offered some magnificent sites. We visited the ancient tombs to see the frescoes that are illustrative of dressing and customs of the times. We also took some time to see the Han dynasty wall which is said to have been restored using the Han dynasty construction techniques.

The rainbow mountains of danxia gave us one of the most breathtaking experience. The vivid colours are said to have been built up due to mineral deposits over a millions years ago. The colours are very magnificent and catchy in the eyes of a person. We also had the leisure of visiting the zhangye danxia landforms park,the park is so beautiful and the silk road passes through this park. We visited the park on may and it proved to be the best time to visit the area since the weather seemed to be favorable with little or no rain. Zhangye also offers one of the most delicious foods in china. We tasted their traditional snacks which were made with Zhangye Danxia landform in Gansu chinapowders such as the saozi noodles which made us keep begging for more. The food were not only delicious but they were also cheap and affordable. In addition to the food wine is also available in the area. We were offered three different types of wine ranging from the yellow wine,rice liquor and south liquor. The different wines have their own purpose for different occasions. The yellow wine are used to celebrate weddings while the south liquor keeps our stomach healthy and the rice liquor softens our arteries. Visiting the Danxia landforms was one in a lifetime adventure.

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