The Impressive Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovin from A to Z


Blagaj Bosnia and Herzegovin  Everything that meets the eye is adorable in Blagaj, Bosnia Herzegovin. Every corner of Blagaj offers memorable scenes and ambiances that nobody will ever forget. I might have not been able to meet every spot, but at least, I had chances to visit important places that represent the overall beauty of this wonderful region.

Attractive places are abundant in Blagaj, though the main attraction her is its underground and overground waters. When I visited the Buna River, I feel like finding an unexplored treasure. As one of the biggest and the most enchanting rivers in Europe, Buna River is charming with its underground flows from the 200m cliff. The river blue-green impression is the main thing that I recall from this historical river.

Blagaj Tekke, the place where I could see the mistifying Buna River, also delivers unforgettable architecture. It emphasizes typical and unique oriental look of Bosnian architecture. This historical place still keeps the sacred atmosphere of the native Sufi. Blagaj Tekke is definitely not to miss, as everyone cannot only enjoy its magnificent architecture, but also its amazing serving like Turkish coffee and tea, as well as cold drinks. I would never forget having delectable Turkish menus while sipping a Turkish coffee by overlooking the Buna River source.

Definetely, they are not Blagaj Bosniathe only attractions that forced me to stay in Blagaj, Bosnia Herzegovin. Blagaj is rich of colorful floras and faunas. This region has both lower altitude that allows evergreen plant to grow beautifully and also cultivable, fertile land. It also high altitudes that offer amazing sparse forest.

Amazing Blagaj Architecture


As a historical city, Blagaj offers fascinating architecture in every ancient building. I was impressed with the sturdy and unique structural building like vaults, pillars and other unique decorations that show the grandeur history of Bosnia, Herzegovin. I mostly saw such kind of architecture in almost every building that I visit like tekke, mosques, hammam and many other. I notice that every building applied similar crafts building techniques that emphasize on crafts and typical oriental construction. Among the popular buildings include Careva mosque, Leho bridge, Karadoz bridge and many edifices which now become shops and residential properties.


BlagajIt is not hard to find amazing hotels in in Blagaj, Bosnia Herzegovin. They offer best prices so it was not difficult for me to find the best place to stay. As I focused on visiting Buna River, I decided to stay at Villa Velagic. Rated 4 out of 5 stars, this hotel is proud of giving the magnificent scene of Buna River. It is also near the Mostar International Airport. Villa Velagic’s amazing garden is the best place to enjoy the typical Bosnia dining menus. The surrounding mountains add my appetite as I sit on the balcony to enjoy the wonderful breeze.

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