The Hang Son Doong cave Quang Binh Province  They say that the Hang Son Doong cave is the world biggest cave in the whole world and before i traveled to this destination i could not believe it but now i clearly understand the reason as to why they said so.It was a wonderful and interesting place to be with all lots of wonders that it holds.
I came to learn that the cave was formed by river water which eroded limestone in underneath a certain mountain.I saw that the underground cave is has sunlight pouring it from two huge entrances which allows very long trees of up to 60 meters long to grow in side the cave.But it has something you ought to know than since it was discovered there were very few people who could navigate the inside of it.The cave offers you with very different elements and also views when inside the cave and by this ,it can make you travel very memorable and very interesting .
I can assure you that the Hang Son Doong cavephotographs you can take from there are very beautiful and they looks like real painting we do.The cave is so big and i belived that its 3 times larger than the Wembly stadium.Also my the small insects living there for instance i found them very amazing for being able to live in a place with no light.

But before we arrived to the cave we had to trek for quite a long distance but i enjoyed the trek .The tour had combined trekking,camping the area and also caving which was quite in order.Training is usually offered before which only took 1 day and this was also helpful in caving having to carry with us ropes ans also harnesses.

I can urge you to come and explore this fascinating and also secrets of this newly discovered cave with this one life-time and a great opportunity.For me the tour was provided by Oxalis Adventure Tours .

The Hang Son Doong cave in Quang Binh ProvinceIn that remote jungle,you will have an opportunity to pass through river valleys as i did ,and also meet this friendly people of Bru Vankieu in Doong village and you will bear me witness to this incredible cave formations which you will not see anywhere else in the world.
While in there ,we were urged to commit ourselves in conserving this beauty of the cave and its environments for who will go to maneuver through the environment of that great cave.
Activities which takes place in there are trekking,caving,underground camps and river crossing.It was a wonderful place to be and cant wait to return to that place if an opportunity comes once again.

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