What To Do In Mississippi

mississippi mansion

      Mississippi is big, with no shortage of attractions and excitement for holidaymakers. However, outside the major towns and cities there is practically no public transport. Hiring a car is essential if you want to experience the many great things the state has to offer. Equally essential is holiday insurance, particularly for medical cover. Anyone […]


Meghalaya, India The wonder of rivers and skybridges


The best decision that I had taken was to visit Meghalaya, India, the wonder of rivers and skybridges. The breathtaking sceneries and the mountains took me by surprise. Meghalaya has so much to offer you that it is impossible to see everything at once. The serene hills and lakes add a different beauty to this […]


Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park


A place everyone should visit Bermuda to me is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and I think anyone else who has been there will agree with me. It is one of the brightest and most colorful countries I have visited in my life. It has the worlds most beautiful pink sand […]


The Magic of The Glow Worm Caves

glow worm cave

When travelling the world, there are many sites to see, in some places nature creates spectacular views to enjoy, and others it produces wondrous, rare and even frightening animals for us to see and admire. But sometimes the two combine to create the spectacular, and whilst most of these have appeared on our TV screens […]


Diving in the Lost city of Heracleion egypt

Amazing Diving Heracleion egypt

Many individuals with a yen for travel may want to visit Egypt. Not only can individuals visit the pyramids and other sorts of places they can also enjoy other lesser known destinations while in Egypt. One of the destinations that can be soon viewed is the Lost city of Heracleion Egypt. Heracleion Egypt is a […]


Nothing Like Netherlands


If you want to enjoy the true beauty of nature then there can be nothing better in Europe than the Netherlands tour. Once upon a time my uncle gifted me some postcards he brought back as memorabilia from Netherlands. The pictures replicated the beauty of tulips, canals and other monuments that the European nation has […]


Belmopan, Belize Going Cave Tubing!!

pindul inside

An activity you will find in few places outside Belize is cave tubing. It has become one of the most popular soft-adventure activities that you can find in Belize City. The cave has a river with two main entry points. One is just near the former Jaguar Paw Lodge and the other one is next […]


Zhangye Danxia landform in Gansu, China

Zhangye Danxia landform in Gansu

Zhangye danxia landforms are various landscapes found in the southeast,and southwest of china. They consist of red beds and steepy cliffs. Danxia is formed from red coloured conglomerates and sand stones. The landforms covers several provinces in china. In the gansu province of china there are rocky mountains with two tiny figures walk on a […]


The Impressive Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovin from A to Z


  Everything that meets the eye is adorable in Blagaj, Bosnia Herzegovin. Every corner of Blagaj offers memorable scenes and ambiances that nobody will ever forget. I might have not been able to meet every spot, but at least, I had chances to visit important places that represent the overall beauty of this wonderful region. […]




  They say that the Hang Son Doong cave is the world biggest cave in the whole world and before i traveled to this destination i could not believe it but now i clearly understand the reason as to why they said so.It was a wonderful and interesting place to be with all lots of […]