My Perfect Barbados Holiday

He said she wanted to take me away from it all, the hectic and stressful life we had come to know. All he said was pack for a tropical destination. Never did I dream that I would get off of a plane and fall instantly in love. I was in Barbados. The air was fresh and the view was breathtaking. I couldn’t wait to experience everything Barbados had to offer.

Our Barbados Holidays with Elegant Resorts was out of a fairy tale and only one bad thing happened while we were there, we eventually had to leave to come back home. But, in the meantime, we vowed to pamper ourselves like never before while on the island.

We had our choice of fine dining, local favorites like Tapas, an unmatched social scene, enjoying a rare beauty of its own, sightseeing, sensational shopping, relaxing on the perfect sandy beaches that meet up with the pristine water, or enjoying a historical perspective of the island.

After landing at the airport we were swished away to our resort destination. My boyfriend had not skimped on anything. Upon entering our hotel suite, I was met with a rush of the most perfect tropical air imaginable. It was coming in through the private balcony attached to our suite. I knew right away that my boyfriend and I would enjoy some island cocktails there soon and we did.

After a magnificent night we decided to head to the yacht and explore the crystal clear waters. I had long awaited to partake in scuba diving on this beautiful island, and it looked so inviting and peaceful. What fun! It was amazing and I am so glad that we took the time and did it. It is a memory I will cherish forever.

It was time to visit the spa at the resort. My boyfriend and I both enjoyed the massage. With every touch I felt more stress disappear. Finally, it was time to eat but we had decided to enjoy dinner in that night, order room service and eat on the


private balcony. We enjoyed ourselves so much. We tried some local cuisine and recommended cocktails. Delicious is an understatement. We enjoyed a romantic dance and each other. That was long overdue.

One thing about Barbados, you can never get too much of the outdoors. It was time to enjoy it all and we did. The rest of the time that we spent on the island was consumed with swimming, water sports, shopping, we explored some of the historical scene, and we went out on the town.

The food was insanely good and we really enjoyed the new open-air dining venues. I tried fruit that I never heard of and ate the most delectable meals. The people there were friendly, the climate was ideal, and the resort was unsurpassed in excellence. One thing was for sure and that is no one can plan a Barbados holiday quite like my boyfriend can. I only have one question, when can we go back?

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