Meghalaya, India The wonder of rivers and skybridges


Meghalaya IndiaThe best decision that I had taken was to visit Meghalaya, India, the wonder of rivers and skybridges. The breathtaking sceneries and the mountains took me by surprise. Meghalaya has so much to offer you that it is impossible to see everything at once. The serene hills and lakes add a different beauty to this place. It is rightly said that Meghalaya, India, the wonder of rivers and skybridges.

After going through the process of getting my visa. which was a bit more complicated of a process then theĀ visum usa-ESTA program in the states. I began my trip with Garo hills. Let me tell you that Garo hills are mainly famous for its abundance in adventure tours and wildlife. It was a great experience for me to capture the flora and fauna with my camera. Even though there are a number of places to visit, I decided to stick to some of the best ones. My first tourist attraction was Siju cave. This cave has a local name, Dobakhol or the cave of bats. The local people prefer this name over Siju cave. The most interesting part of the cave was that it consists of a number of caves and labyrinths that are not yet discovered. The cave is completely dark and a perennial streams flows through it. It gives you Goosebumps, but you still enjoy the darkness.

After cave, the next attraction was Imilchang Dare. It is waterfalls, but with immense beauty. The dark green environment of tall ferns gives this place a mind-blowing effect and is enough to complete the picturesque beauty. Also, the deep wide waterfalls make a good swimming pool. It is consists of a number of colorful fishes in different sizes.

Cherrapunji, the wettest place in India is a must see. This is the pristine land with everlasting natural beauty. Since rain is all I wanted to see, there was nothing better than Cherrapunji. This place has only one season- monsoon. It rains all through the year, though the intensity varies. You can check out different kinds of ferns, moss or orchids here. There are several private hotels here, so I preferred to stay at one. A cup of hot coffee and rains complete the place.

Visiting Meghalaya Meghalaya India bridgecompleted with Shillong which is the most popular tourist destination. This place has a number of falls to check out. The elephant falls is what I loved the best. It is situated 12 km from city outskirts. What I loved about the falls is that two falls descends from fern covered rocks. This is a view that you will cherish for a long time. The spread eagle falls is soothing and a sure treat to the eyes. I also, visited the Golf course, which is the third oldest course in India.

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