Making the Most Out of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Whether you have already bought tickets for this year’s Fringe Festival or you’re leaving it to last minute because you just can’t choose what to see, it’s fair to say that this Edinburgh festival can be incredibly overwhelming if you’ve not experienced it before. Just one look at the hectic programme will leave you wondering how on earth you should plan your time! However, with a little forethought and some careful planning, you can make the most out of your time at the Fringe Festival and come away from it feeling happy that you made the effort to see what all the fuss is about.

Take a look at these great tips that can help you to make the most out of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival so that you can look back on the experience with smiles, rather than grimaces!

Book a Hotel

Don’t just turn up on the day and hope that a local hotel will have a vacancy for you. Chances are, many of the rooms will have been booked beforehand. Secure a room by booking online in advance; for example, Edinburgh’s Travelodge’s offer affordable rooms that are centrally located – perfect to return to after your evening of comedy and entertainment.

Pick up a programme

While you will be able to get your hands on a copy of the programme once you’re at the festival, it can be handy to take a look at the programme in advance so that you can plan your time a little easier. The programme is available online, but if you want a physical one that you can highlight and take with you, you can have one delivered to your home address by clicking here.

The Pleasance Courtyard during the Edinburgh F...

The Pleasance Courtyard during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Take advantage of the free shows

While you can book tickets for the bigger shows in advance, one of the great things about the Fringe is its accessibility to free shows, too. You will find that there’s a disclaimer at the end of the shows, which will ask for a donation but it’s often whatever you can, or what you think the show is worth, which is a rather liberating experience in itself!

Take advantage of the last minute tickets

Once you’re in the area, head to the half price hut, which sell last minute tickets to shows on the day of the performance. The earlier you go, the more chance you will have of bagging something you wanted.

Leave plenty of time between shows

Don’t let the Fringe map misguide you. Edinburgh is bigger than it seems, so give yourself plenty of time to get between shows. Don’t cram everything in either – you will need time to sit, relax, drink and eat, so make time for that too.

Be spontaneous

While a little planning can help, being spontaneous is great fun. If you have a spare afternoon, or morning, take a wander down the Royal Mile and pick up some flyers – there’s bound to be something that takes your fancy!

Most of all, make the most out of your Fringe experience. You’ll almost certainly wish to return as soon as possible!

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