Diving in the Lost city of Heracleion egypt

Amazing Diving Heracleion egypt

Lost city Heracleion egyptMany individuals with a yen for travel may want to visit Egypt. Not only can individuals visit the pyramids and other sorts of places they can also enjoy other lesser known destinations while in Egypt. One of the destinations that can be soon viewed is the Lost city of Heracleion Egypt. Heracleion Egypt is a city that was most likely flourishing around 8th century BC. The ruins lay in the Abou Qir Bay near the city of Alexandria, Egypt.
The Heracleion artifacts that have been discovered there date from that period in time and are some of the unique aspects of the culture. This is one of the amazing things about diving in the Lost city. I really enjoyed my diving trip as part of a scuba expedition, and found it to be something spectacular and mind blowing. The city which was also called Thonis is a treasure trove of unique items that give individuals a portrait into the ancient city. Heracleion egyptHeracleion egypt
Heracleion first dove under the waves about 1.200 years ago. It has a variety of fascinating items from antiquity that can give the world pause. I found this to be a spectacular dive filled with reminders of a civilization that flourished during the time of Cleopatra, Paris and Helen.
I have found and examined diverse array of statues that were part of this ancient city. On display on the sea floor includes some small limestone sarcophagi. This was one of the fundamentally interesting thing in terms of the viewing this city under the sea. It makes the city come alive. Diving in the Lost City of Heracleoin Egypt was one of the unique adventures of a lifetime.
Right now this site is not open as a commercial diving venue, but when it is, be first to jump on board for the dive trip of a lifetime. Archaelogists have transported a number of the largest and best known artifacts that have been found in the city beneath the waves, but there are other treasures that remain to Lost-Egyptian-City-of-Heracleionbe discovered. Make sure to view this ancient city while a number of the artifacts are left, and be one of the first to enjoy the adventures of diving in the region like I did. Diving in the Lost City of Heracleion is something not be missed. It is a combination of an artistic and historical wonderland that can give an individual pause. It is truly a masterpiece of history.

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