Discover the hidden gem of Lord Howe Island


If you’re looking for somewhere different to get away from it all this summer, you could do worse than visit Lord Howe Island.

The island, located off the East Coast of Australia, is largely regarded as the most beautiful island in the Pacific, which is ironic considering just how few visitors it receives each year.

Lord_Howe_IslandLord Howe Island houses just 350 inhabitants and there is a limit to how many tourists can visit the island each day – 400 to be exact, so you’ll have to form a queue if you want to experience pleasure like no other.

It’s almost certainly worth the wait though. There are a wealth of calming activities available at your disposal, from bird watching to fishing, walking and scuba diving. You won’t find the glitz and glamour of a Vegas holiday on Lord Howe Island, but you can still get your kicks with some online-roulette or Poker if you like to balance your chills with your thrills.

Photo moments are not in short supply on the island, with more than 14 species of seabirds thriving here to delight the keen ornithologist. If you’re a walker, you can make the most of the Little Island Track between March and November, in which native island birds including the rare providence petrel get together to court.

Swimmers can enjoy the island’s abundant marine life by snorkelling and scuba diving, giving tourists access to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the worlds. Situated perfectly within five major ocean currents including the Great Barrier Reed’s East Australian Current, the island boasts a rich ecosystem of tropical, sub-tropical and temperate species which cannot be seen anywhere else.

You’ll be spoilt for choice as the island boasts 60 diving sites, the most impressive of which is Balls Pyramid, the world’s tallest sea stack. Be warned, some diving training is required, but it’s totally worth it, especially to feast your eyes on the rare Ballina Angelfish, which can seldom be seen anywhere else on the planet.

After all that frolicking with nature, you’ll be pleased to know the island also offers great hospitality. Dine in your own private lodge or sample some of Lord Howe’s local delicacy, freshly caught kingfish, before taking a stroll on the beach.

If you’re in need of a chill out and can bear the wait to get on to Lord Howe Island, I can sincerely recommend you take a visit – it’ll take your breath away.

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