Croatian Driving Holidays: the best way to see the country

Croatia Road

Intersection_of_state_roads Croatia     The best way to explore Croatia is by road. You’ll have to remember to drive on the right-hand side of the road and you’ll have to make sure you’ve got plenty of Croatian Kuna to pay for the toll roads, but on the plus side you’ll get some stunning views and you’ll get to experience areas of the country not featured in the traditional tour guides.


Croatia is a country that’s full of elegant architecture that reflect a rich history and culture so while you must make sure you visit the tourist hotspots on the Adriatic, charming villages in rural Zagorje should also be on your to-do list. You’ll only manage to combine the top rated tourist destinations with the unusual local areas if you hire a car.

The roads

The road system is comprehensive but the surface of the road of variable quality when you’re off the main motorways. There are five motorway routes (locally known as autocestas) but there are other main routes that you’ll probably find yourself on including the Adriatic coast road (the Magistrala), which is a single carriage road that offers unsurpassed views of the Dalmatian coast.

Hire car

Assuming that you’re Landscapes in Croatia. Mountain road.thinking of taking a hire car, make sure you take out direct car excess insurance. Protecting yourself from the bother of paying for a car accident will take some of the stress out of your driving, but to entirely remove worry from your journey, make sure you take a sat nav with European maps that are fully updated. You’ll still probably find a few roads that aren’t featured, but you should find your way more often than not.

Day trips

Money shouldn’t be a concern when you’re on holiday as the break should be time away from worry about work, problems and finances but it’s always nice to do something that doesn’t cost a penny. One of the best places to go for free is the beach at Nin. There you’ll find the Kraljičinaplaža (Queen’s Beach) that offers relaxation and incredible views of the Velebitmountain.

Adventure holiday

Dalmatia’s coast offers some of the best adventure sports imaginable, so if fun and excitement are on the agenda, this is the place to go. You’ll find activities like sea kayaking, river kayaking, rafting and mountain biking available that will test your nerve, push you to the limits and thrill you like nothing ever has before. If exercise is your thing but you’re not into any adventurous activities, why not hike up Mount Biokovo from which the views are unsurpassed in the whole of Croatia.

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