Belmopan, Belize Going Cave Tubing!!

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cave tubingAn activity you will find in few places outside Belize is cave tubing. It has become one of the most popular soft-adventure activities that you can find in Belize City. The cave has a river with two main entry points. One is just near the former Jaguar Paw Lodge and the other one is next to Caves Branch Adventure Co. and Jungle Lodge. The Jaguar Paw entry point attracts more tourists compared to the other one. The river here can be jammed when several cruise ships are in port at Belmopan City.


When you visit Belize for cave tubing, you find enough parking area about one kilometer from Jaguar Paw. You can either choose to use a bus, your own car or even a rental car. More so, there are so many independent tour guides for cave tubing tours with so much knowledge about the place. Cave tubing trips can take much of a day and costs are $190 per person but not fixed.


On the other hand, Belize cave tubing is subject to changes in the river levels. For instance, during dry seasons which is (February-May or even June), the river levels tend to be too low for cave tubing. But in rainy seasons or after heavy rains, the water level in the river is usually too high to safely float through caves. “We as a family of four had booked a whole tour on the month of September to do cave tubing but it had been raining all week long. So they canceled the tour as waters were too high.”


after-cave-tubingBelmopan, Belize Going cave tubing!!!!!

Our next tour was very amazing. The guides took us to a different cavern system. The guides were so friendly and took great effort to make sure that every person was safe. Our guide was just excellent as he knew every plant species and explained to us all we needed to know about the jungle. The jungle walk took us about an hour or so. Inside the cave there so many large rooms we went through and all were just pitch black except for our headlamps. We all had a great float through the caves and along the river. The jungle hike’ is very easy and it gave us some opportunities to see contimundis, howler monkeys, toucans and army ants. The tour was well worth the money and was better than we could have thought it would be.


If you wish to spend your holiday here, the hotel accommodations range from budget lodging to luxurious personal cabanas. The most common is Belize Tree Houses at Caves Branch. It is surrounded by the jungle beside the Caves Branch River. The accommodations are equipped with hot tub, private entrance, electrical outlet for charging batteries, seating area and ceiling fan. This hotel is not far from Belize cave tubing and the costs are not too much expensive.


Finally, for anyone traveling to Belize, I highly recommend Belize Inland Tours. The cost depends on where your tour guide takes you to. Therefore, if you feel you cannot afford to pay for the whole trip, you can always visit what is in your budget.

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