Amazing Diving In Tarragona, Spain

Tarragona Spain

Diving      I am a big fun of traveling the world. The Earth is a beautiful planet and as such we should explore it, see the mysteries and enjoy life a little. I plan a holiday for myself and family every year, and last year I had the privilege to travel to the beautiful country of Spain. I had heard a lot about this beautiful country, with its deep culture and friendly people. I had heard a lot about Tarragona. I am a big fun of an adrenaline rush and the fact that Tarragona has such many diving points, it was only logical that this town in Spain excited me the most. Tarragona is a small town north-east of Spain near the big well known football city of Barcelona. The fact that I have never been to Spain meant that, my travel arrangements would have been very difficult to finance and organize. Luckily came to my rescue yet again. I organized paid for all my traveling arrangements from this website and was set and ready for my trip to Spain.I had booked a flight to Barcelona Spain, which is the nearest city to Tarragona.

Once arriving at Barcelona we hired a vehicle that to us to Tarragona. The road trip was anything but boring, I just marveled at this beautiful country that was Spain. It is truly a beautiful country. On arrival to Tarragona we booked our hotel rooms and had some rest before we could set on our adrenaline filled adventure.Tarragona had plenty of diving points for us to visit, each with its unique environment. We started our diving experience at a place called Bera II. What an experience we had. At this place there lots of ship wrecks and you get to relive history. You get to see all the ship wrecks up close. This place made me feel like a real live pirate on a quest for buried treasure. Another diving point we visited was Cavour Wreck. In my opinion this was my favorite place to visit. Not only had it ship wrecks but it also had deep sea diving and we could see plenty of marine life. There is no greater feeling I got in Spain, than the feeling of swimming next to the marine life. The marine life in Spain is so beautiful; the fish look all exotic with their bright colors and swimming in schools of thousands. The deep sea diving was very exciting as well. Though it was a bit dark and scary deep in the sea, it was an exciting experience all the same.

Illa de Sa Dragonera   Last place I visited was El Dragonera. From the name I figured it meant the dragon, I could not wait to see why a place would be called that. On arrival I discovered that the island was named El Dragonera because the island’s shape resembled that of a dragon. This was another beautiful place. The clear waters and marine life was simply divine. The locals shared a few myths about the island because a place named the dragon had to carry a few myths with it. Over all it was one of the best experiences I have ever had and would gladly go back to Spain. Next time I would probably stay a bit longer and fully explore the country. It not offers offer diving experience but the country is much more diverse in its tourism. Next time I am sure to go and have the full experience.



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