A Hidden Gem of a Ski Resort

Bansko Ski Resort in Bulgarian is one of the best Ski resorts I have ever experienced! The area is packed with high mountains and 70 km of ski routs. I am so glad that when we were planning our ski holidays that we chose this place.Bansko offers an awesome experience with a combination of modern infrastructure, high and beautiful mountains, and beautiful landscapes. Bansko is the largest Bulgarian ski area packed with the most modern lift systems in Eastern Europe. The great thing about taking a trip to Bansko is that you do not have to worry about money. Everything is at a very affordable price and the services are top notch. It is worth every penny for such an awesome ski experience.

I went to Bansko with a couple of my friends. We got there early in the morning. BanskoIt was around 7 am. That was very early hour for us; however we wanted to ski right away. We were very excited. All the hotels were very near to the ski resort. We stayed at a hotel that was about 5 to 7 minutes by bus from the slopes. We arrived there, we took our ski passes and we went on the lift system. The location where we could ski was very high up the mountains. You literally see how you pass through the clouds and above them. It was a very beautiful experience. The time it takes for you to arrive all the way up top is about 20 minutes. It may sound like a lot but it was well worth it, not only because it is such a great set of slopes, but you also get to enjoy all the beautiful landscapes which are simply breath taking. The mountains are just packed with a wide variety of slopes and routes. Everything from the beginner routes to the expert routes. There is something for everyone. You can also find nice bars where you can enjoy a warm tea or a warm meal. Another cool thing that it had was a route that takes you all the way down to the parking area. You can choose to either take the lift down from where you came from or you can ski a special route which is always more fun and thrilling then that under the lift system.

The clubs and bars are a must for everyone. Bansko has it. After an adventurous and thrilling day skiing, you can relax and enjoy a nice drink at one of the many bars and clubs that are there. Everything is easy to get to . My friends and I decided to go walking downtown. It takes about 15 minutes of walking until you arrive there, depends on how fast or slow you are walking. The downtown area is very vibrant and alive and you can do a lot of fun things. From drinking and partying, all the way to enjoying a nice meal at a classy restaurant. I remember that we went at a traditional restaurant. Very beautiful place and good service. I will admit that I ate one of the best lambs there.

Overall Bansko was such a wonderful place. I recommend Bansko to anyone that loves to ski or snowboard. It is a very vibrant and alive place. I will definitely be coming back!

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